UPPF is a hi-end paint protection film brand of Joyvie group, we have a leading and professional global auto film manufactory. we have professional research&development team , global leading innovative product line,and is one of global most competitive brands.UPPF has more than 2000 authorised dealer shops in many countries and regions of world,and provides professional installation service for up to 100,000 hi-end car owners of world.

Joyvie group was founded in 1996,and have been focusing on Research&Development,operation,promotion of hi-end AUTO film(VeRoad window film,UPPF paint protection film,V-Style vinyl film)for 24 years ,which is recognized the leading enterprise in the industry.

UPPF is one of international famous hi-end paint protection film brands.
UPPF is one of global most innovative paint protection film brands.
UPPF is one of global oldest brand of hi-end TPU paint protection film.







2000 +

Vehicles Installed



We not only developed global leading amazing coating formulation to make the performance better,but also promoted different effect paint protection film to provide diversified choice to customers.

  • Global leading technical coating

    Proprietary PLATICOAT ™, SHARKBIONIC ™, HYDROCOAT ™, these three coating is the most advanced technology and have better anti-fouling performance.

  • About 20 TPU paint protection film

    We dedicate to innovation and research&development. We developed variety of different effect paint protection film,included glossy,matte,mirror black,ferrari red,magic color, and headlight film etc.Our brand is the most innovative product in the world.

Excellent protection effect

We devote much attention to product research&development and innovation.We have creatively defined the protection level of paint protection film according to different thickness of products ,and achieved surprising result.

  • Global thickest F series

    If you want to select global thickest and best paint protection film from future product,F12 is what you want.It ‘s amaziing that its thickness is 11.2mil.We’re proud to say that it has incomparable wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fouling resistance.

  • Super hi-end U series

    If you want to select a paint protection film with best protective effect,U series is what you want.It’s also amazing that its thickness is 8.2mil and 9.6mil! We’re proud to say that it exceeds 99.9% of the paint protection film on the market and brings you unparalleled experience.

Superior performance

Our flagship products have strong self-healing and excellent yellowing resistance, which can make the film surface last as long as new.Excellent protection performance has conquered film shops and consumers all over the world。

1. Non-yellowing TPU

The yellowiing depends on Aliphatic TPU film.Our films selected the global best TPU from Lubrizol ,which is the global top core raw material.

2. Self-healing

It has perfect self-healing performance.Slight scratches like washing scratches,sun dazzlings and nterior scratches,can be repaired when heat,restore as before.

3. Anti-fouling Anti-corrosion

Global unique patent coating,it can resist all kinds of pollution like acid rain,insects and gum,and protect the original paint for long time.

4. Increase the brightness

Through testing by professional instruments,the glossiness of our glossy paint protetion film is up to 94,which is very excellent and perfect data.