ULTIMATE is one series of UPPF flagship luxury glossy products .It has UPRO of 9.6mil thickness and ULUX of 8.2mil thickness. This series is top paint protection film which is made of unique Platicoat. With the performance of strong protection, brightness increasement, anti-fouling and corrosion, self-healing ,its quality has overwhelming advantage in similar products. This is ULTIMATE.


1. PLATICOAT™ :with global rare platinum customized formulation, it has superior stain resistance, corrosion resistance, and perfectly increase glossiness, ductility of the surface.Because it’s rare, so it’s precious.
2. Customized TPU by Lubrizol: made of limited customized TPU of Lubrizol, the thickness of 12mil exceeds 99.9% of the paint protection film on the market,give your car better protection,better anti-yellowing,better clarity.
3. Installation performance:leading adhesive formulation,has high clarity,good stickiness,install repeatedly with ease and without glue residue, peel without residue,without damage to original paint,solve many disadvantages of glue marks,glue residue by other products,simple and convenient for installation.


automotive,motorcycle,camper,motor vehicle,bicycle,yacht,aircraft etc.

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