Suitable Thickness of PPF and Selection Conditions

For your own car, it is absolutely that you will treasure it. The selection of PPF on the car becomes something that needs to be studied with care. In this article, we will briefly introduce PPF from the thickness of PPF, the benefits of wrapping the edges and corners, and the brand concept when selecting PPF, and hope it will help.


The right thickness of PPF

In terms of protection, the thicker the better, the thicker the PPF, the stronger the protection, but the thicker the material, it is more difficult to wrap the corners, so it all depends on the customer.

In terms of experience, the thickness of the material that can best protect our appearance and level is 203μm (8mil) – 229μm (9mil), which can not only shape the shape of gravel and tiny scratches, but also can use corners in the appearance.

Definition of edge wrap

Edge wrapping means whether the edge part will be wrapped in.

Corner wrap refers to whether the corners part will be wrapped in.


Benefits of edge wrapping

The advantage of edge wrapping is that it is likely to be the same as if it was not installed PPF, and at the same time, it effectively reduces the possibility of dust and black edge. The ability to wrap the edges and corners 50% depends on the quality of the PPF, the thickness of the material, and the feasibility of the physical layer, and 50% depends on the skill and dedication of the installers. When using UPPF products, it is important to look for customers who will explain to them how to deal with detailed positions, why to do so, and how to do it well, even if they cannot do it, they will explain clearly in advance, so that customers have reasonable expectations of installer before construction.

PPF brand importance

Some customers would like to ask for the big brand, the big brand certainly has quality assurance, the big brand is the best quality and most stable? Does the new brand have a lower quality? This is not the case after protect testing. Professional selection should tend to choose PPF with less orange peel texture, high clarity, anti-yellowing, strong self-healing, and easy to tear away and replace in the future.


It is no doubt that a qualified PPF cannot be derived simply from the above three points, but through the introduction of this article, we want readers can have some correct ideas about PPF, and this is what UPPF keep doing.

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