What kind of cars are suitable for PPF?

Although PPF has protective property, it may not be suitable for every car owner’s car and parking environment. This article is to make you understand the advantages and disadvantages of PPF, which car owners are more suitable for PPF, and the common problems of PPF, so that you can have a correct understanding and expectation of PPF.

What is PPF

PPF paint protection film (also known as clear bra / car film), is a piece of solid film attached to the car paint, mainly transparent, PPF is the most protective material in the automotive industry. Different from Vinyl Wrap, the thickness of vinyl film is 2 – 3 times thinner than PPF, and its main function is to change color of the car paint, but it has no protection property and self-healing property.

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Advantages of PPF

1. Protects against physical damage such as highway gravel impact

2. Anti-scratch, especially for black cars

3. Protects against paint chips and dents caused by parking lot door bumps

4. Reduces paint damage caused by traffic accidents

5. Protects the original paint and reduces the chances of paint repainting

6. High-quality TPU material comes with Self-Healing function, minor scratches can be repaired automatically by room temperature or heat gun.

The thicker, the better?

In terms of protection, the thicker the better, of course, the thicker the PPF, the stronger the protection, but the thicker the material, the harder it is to wrap the corners, so it depends on whether the customer wants protection or aesthetics.

Normally, the thickness of the material that best balances protection and aesthetics is 203μm (8mil) – 229μm (9mil), which can block most of the gravel and tiny scratches, and can also be wrapped in appearance and angle, which is also the thickness of the material used in our P20 product series.

For PPF up to 254μm (10mil) and above, the appearance of the corners will look not very perfect. PPF below 203μm (8mil) are of course less protective.

Color of PPF

There are several colors of PPF in the market, but the quality of glossy transparent and matte transparent is the most stable after testing.



Yellowing resistance of PPF

Not all PPF will turn yellow, it depends on the quality of the PPF material. The yellowing is caused by some PPF materials containing Benzene Ring, and then exposed to UV light, just like white sneakers. Take UPPF for example, it basically does not turn yellow, which is very important for white cars. Therefore, the yellowing resistance of PPF depends on PPF material quality and the time the vehicle is exposed to UV light.

To sum up, PPF has many advantages, and some of the limitations that existed have been compensated for with more technological improvements, and can be applied to a wide range of cars.

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